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Prescription Drugs Addiction Treatment Ontario

Prescription Drugs Addiction Rehab Ontario

Prescription drugs are the medications that are prescribed by healthcare professionals to help manage patients’ conditions. Even though they are regulated by Health Canada to ensure their quality, effectiveness and safety they can be misused. Opioids, stimulants and sedatives are three examples of the ones that are most commonly abused.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health has a main focus. That’s to help families and individuals heal from prescription drugs addiction in Ontario and the consequences. Our treatment model is focused on holistic programs that look after every aspect of recovery.


We focus on addiction and holistic therapies that treat our patients as a whole. Treating the issue and the person in a home like, and comfortable setting offers support. Patients learn recovery tools and how to cope while making healthy choices that are critical to overcoming their issues.

Prescription Drugs

Being addicted to prescription drugs can take a heavy toll on a person’s physical body. A physical dependence often develops whereby the person psychologically needs the drugs to function. Detox is the process whereby these drugs get removed in a medically safe and comfortable environment. It is the first step in recovery for many of our patients.


After Care Treatment

That’s why our aftercare program will help to cope with the stresses of the outside world. During the inpatient treatment phase, our patients discover how they can change the relationships they have with their family and friends. Aftercare is all about making sure these graduates can maintain these changes in the real world.

We have a team of experts that are on hand to support our graduates by phone or online. We also encourage those people in recovery to attend counseling sessions at our facility. If you think a friend or loved one has an issue, we also suggest a prescription drugs intervention in Ontario as a first step.

People addicted to prescription painkillers can become very good at hiding the problem. Quite often, it’s difficult to tell if they’ve crossed the line when their prescription is started for medical reasons.

However, here are a few red flags that indicate you or someone close to you might have a problem.

  • Going to several doctors to get several prescriptions filled.
  • Running out of these painkillers ahead of schedule.
  • Wanting to quit using prescription drugs but not being able to do so.

If you’re suffering from an addiction to prescription painkillers, your recovery can begin with an assessment. Get in touch with us today.

Call us today, your recovery starts here.

After Care Treatment

Success depends on excellent aftercare treatment. Our commitment to our patients doesn’t stop after they have been discharged. We understand the tools that have been taught in our treatment centers need to be applied in the real world.

Drug of Choice

Some people suffer from a mental relapse where they are actively thinking about picking up their drug of choice again. Some of the signs we teach those people to look for include identifying cravings and idealizing past behaviors.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health teaches our patients how to stay sober with prevention strategies. These can include coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques that can calm your nerves.

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