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Family Integration Program

Family Integration Program

Alongside the work our clients do towards deep-seated issues revolving around past trauma, understanding, and managing their diagnoses’, and understanding and managing their substance dependencies, they are also working towards restructuring and improving their social support system outside of treatment. Ultimately, the goal is to help the client with rectifying, reconnecting, and recalibrating the relationships that may have been broken or damaged from some of the client’s past decisions and actions. Some common patterns of struggle that are identified and strengthened include emotional regulation, communication skills, certain types of attachment dependencies, forgiveness, accountability, and most importantly, their sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

Our goal, towards the end of treatment, is to help the client to utilize these new skills and strategies effectively and consistently with the members of their social support system (ie. Family members and close friends). Effectively re-integrating the client back into these support systems is a crucial part of the process towards continuing to foster their development and learning while setting them up to succeed throughout recovery.

Our Family Integration Program consists of:
  • Family therapy sessions with a Registered Psychotherapist
  • Monthly skills-based workshops 

Support System Integration


Keeping you in the loop throughout the journey

Throughout Treatment

·        Client, Therapist and Family Member(s) or Loved One will have two (2) virtual family integration sessions.

·        The first session will focus on relationship restoration and repair (forgiveness, apologizing, fostering understanding and empathy, boundary setting, and defining expectations of all involved moving forward).

·        The Second session will focus on utilizing newly developed communication perspectives (ie. assertive communication) and communication strategies (ie. Using ‘I’ statements, active listening etc.). This session will also center around defining the next steps in regard to aftercare options to help ensure the client’s successful transition back home.

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    Family Therapy Workshops


    Let us help you create a treatment plan for yourself. At Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health, we have plenty of options for family and are happy to share these programs with you.

    As part of your loved ones treatment, families will be invited to attend a monthly skills-based workshop. This will occur as your loved one is actively involved in programming. These groups will teach you the same skills that are taught to your loved ones. Effective communication, reflective listening, assertiveness training and plenty more will be offered to you by one of our certified addictions counsellors. These groups will be an open environment for families to discuss skills and even get involved with role play to practice the skills being taught. It is a great opportunity to prepare for the return of your loved one to your home or environment. Residual anger or resentments can be discussed and processed during these workshops. 


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