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Family Support

Restoring Lives: Family Support and Therapy

At Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health, we believe healing and recovery are most effective when the whole family is involved. Our comprehensive approach to treatment goes beyond the individual seeking help and extends to their loved ones. We understand the critical role the family support and therapy play in the recovery journey, and we are committed to providing a sage and nurturing environment for all those involved. 

Our goal, towards the end of treatment, is to help the client to utilize these new skills and strategies effectively and consistently with the members of their social support system (ie. Family members and close friends). Effectively re-integrating the client back into these support systems is a crucial part of the process towards continuing to foster their development and learning while setting them up to succeed throughout recovery.

Our Family Support Program consists of:
  • Family integration sessions with a Registered Psychotherapist
  • Weekly virtual family support groups
  • Monthly skills-based workshops (coming soon)

Support System Integration


Keeping you in the loop throughout the journey

Throughout Treatment

·        Client, Therapist and Family Member(s) or Loved One will have two (2) virtual family integration sessions.

·        The first session will focus on relationship restoration and repair (forgiveness, apologizing, fostering understanding and empathy, boundary setting, and defining expectations of all involved moving forward).

·        The Second session will focus on utilizing newly developed communication perspectives (ie. assertive communication) and communication strategies (ie. Using ‘I’ statements, active listening etc.). This session will also center around defining the next steps in regard to aftercare options to help ensure the client’s successful transition back home.

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Family Support Groups

We offer weekly virtual support groups specifically tailored to the needs of families coping with addiction and mental health challenges. These groups provide a supportive community where families can share experiences, gain insights, and draw strength from one another. Sign up here to gain access to our weekly invites!


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