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Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment Ontario

Methamphetamine Addiction Rehab Ontario

Methamphetamine is synthetically produced. Several ingredients like sulfuric acid, acetone and lithium are added together. The ratio of ingredients is different from one illegal meth lab to another. This creates a unique set of challenges for first responders and addicts.

This drug can be ingested by taking tablets, smoking and snorting powder form. It can also be dissolved in a liquid or injected.

Methamphetamine addiction comes with several other risks beyond the addiction to the drug itself. These include respiratory complaints and abdominal cramps, vomiting and nausea. Collapsed veins are one of the by-products of using the drug intravenously. Addiction also brings the risk of hepatitis and HIV from shared needles.


Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health offers facilities for recovery that look after every detail. These include several large group session rooms, laundry facilities and a games room to name just a few. We offer a holistic approach to recovery that looks after the social, mental and physical well-being of beating an addiction.

  • One of the options that we used to treat amphetamine condition is behavioral counseling. Along with addictions, this type of treatment also helps concurrent disorders like OCD and anxiety.
  • Group counseling and therapy sessions are another cornerstone of the treatments we offer.

We also have teambuilding activities where participants work in groups on challenges and tasks to build self-esteem and trust.


Suits Your Needs

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health has the experience that people suffering from addictions need to start a new life. We can guide you to the treatment option that best suits your needs. Whether that’s outpatient residential, private or government-funded.

Each patient receives a tailored treatment set of protocols following a brief stay in a detoxification center. This is the methamphetamine rehab in Ontario that has a highly dedicated and professional team with years of experience in a variety of different treatment protocols

Methamphetamine Intervention in Ontario

We can help stage a methamphetamine intervention in Ontario. Our professionals understand how painful it can be watching a loved one struggle with this type of addiction. Setting boundaries is an important part of this process.

We have professional interventionalists on staff who can help friends and family set up the right strategy. People addicted to methamphetamine often show chaotic or aggressive behavior. They can isolate from friends and family to spend time with people involved with the drug.

Support and Educate

The end goal is to convince the person and their family and friends they should accept recovery in the form of treatment. Our professionals support and educate the people involved. They provide training direction and guidance as well as facilitating aftercare and the intervention itself.

Highly Trained

Using an interventionalist that is skilled and highly trained in the family systems and other techniques for successful intervention outcomes is critical.

The strategies we use do not condemn criticize or attack the person suffering from the addiction. These are a loving and compassionate way to help a person suffering from substance abuse.

Call us today, your recovery starts here.

Other People

We can help by putting together  an Internet addiction intervention in Ontario. If someone you know is struggling with this type of addiction, they may not be able to see how their actions are affecting other people.

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