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Heroin Addiction Treatment Ontario

Heroin Addiction Rehab Ontario

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health employs a holistic abstinence-based series of treatments designed for heroin addiction in Ontario recovery. We use several successful methods. Here is some of what a patient can expect when they are being admitted to our facility for treatment.

An Initial Assessment

Patients are reviewed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals at this stage. This is the first stage in developing what will be a unique treatment program.


New admissions will be sent for detoxification if necessary. This part of the recovery process is designed so people can go through withdrawal in a safe medically controlled environment. Withdrawal from heroin may only last a week. However, the symptoms can be severe and include muscle spasms and depression as well as agitation, shaking and nervousness.

Withdrawal isn’t the same for every patient. The brain and body will crave the drug depending on how long someone has used heroin and how much was taken.


Heroin Rehab in Ontario

We offer a welcoming calm environment. Striving to make clients feel comfortable so they can focus on their recovery is what this heroin rehab in Ontario does. Another one of the foundations we offer for successful recovery is addiction counseling therapy.

  • Teambuilding activities are included. Clients work together on challenges and tasks that build up self-esteem and trust. They get opportunities to use their own unique strengths and gain perspectives from the other group members at the same time.
  • We also offer topic-based discussion groups. Our residents get to share their experiences, feelings and thoughts on any particular topic. These sessions are led by one of our staff members who have the experience in that field. Some of the topics include relapse prevention, healthy boundaries, the role of fear and anxiety plus others.
  • Psychotherapy groups are also available. These present our patients with opportunities to explore different areas for change in their relationships and personal lives. Each group member is encouraged to talk as openly as possible on how they interact with other people.

Addiction also affects families. Close friends and relatives often become involved when you try and help the person who suffering through the addiction. The family counseling part of our recovery program includes topics like resolving resentments and conflicts.

Everyone who suffers from a heroin addiction is a unique individual. That’s why the therapy counseling options that we’ve made available are customized for each of our clients. Meditation and yoga therapy as well as music therapy are other options. Our clients also benefit from self portrait photography.

Heroin Intervention in Ontario

Taking that first step to look for addiction treatment can be painful and difficult. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for help for yourself or someone close to you. Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health strives to make the families and potential patients feel comfortable during the assessment and admission steps.

We offer a relaxing welcoming environment to put everyone at ease. Our therapists and counselors can help with a variety of treatment programs including heroin intervention in Ontario.


We understand that not every admission is simple. Quite often concerned family members get in touch with us looking for help for a loved one. Our counselors and therapists can help those families by setting up interventions that can lay the groundwork for recovery.

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