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Video Game Addiction Treatment Ontario

Video Game Addiction Rehab Ontario

Someone you care about might have a video game addiction in Ontario. You might even be suffering from the problem yourself.  Either way, Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health has put together some red flags you should be watching out for. If you notice any of these, we have a video game addiction treatment program to put you on the road to recovery.

  • Some of our patients have developed physical problems from too much gaming. These include eyestrains, migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • People who have a gaming problem often avoid the activities they once enjoyed.
  • People who suffer from this issue often avoid work or school to play more video games.
  • This same group can become irritable and upset when they can’t access them.

Our facility supports cognitive behavioral therapy and other options. This type of therapy helps patients address thoughts that lead to addiction so they can overcome the problem. In both are inpatient and outpatient programs, patients are taught to be aware of the connections between their actions, feelings and thoughts.

This type of therapy also treats other disorders like anxiety and posttraumatic stress.


Inpatient Versus Outpatient

Choosing video game addiction rehab is an important consideration and we offer both.

There is no real right or wrong choice here. Let us help you determine what’s right for you depending on your individual needs. Inpatient treatment programs tend to have higher success rates. However, they tend to disrupt the routine of someone’s life.

Physical Fitness

They also boost self-confidence and foster physical fitness. The end goal of the holistic therapies offered at Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health is boosting the resistance to cravings.


The outpatient option isn’t always as successful. However, there’s less of a change to your normal lifestyle.

Holistic therapies use nonmedical recovery techniques to bring the spirit, body and mind into line with recovery. Our therapists treat both mental and physical symptoms with nutritional and emotional aspects. These plans are gentle and flexible and designed to identify some of the underlying causes of any addiction.

Video Game Addiction Intervention Ontario

Family dynamics can be damaged by a video addiction. Trust can be eroded, communications between family members weakened.

Participating in a video game addiction intervention in Ontario can help support a healthy recovery. The first step is contacting one of our intervention specialists. We help to keep the communication lines between the patient and their family open and productive.

Call us today, your recovery starts here.


Our therapists can also help a troubled person break the negative cycle of denial. Remember, confronting a person with a addiction without professional help can make the situation worse. It’s best that family and friends never attempt to stage an intervention alone.


Our expert team can help by educating the members participating in addiction recovery and video game addiction in Ontario. Family and friends need to prepare and rehearse to make any intervention successful.

Let us help you choose the right kind of space that’s both familiar and nonthreatening. It’s important that the patient is at ease. Having one of our experts on hand is important for keeping the event productive and peaceful.

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