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Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Ontario

Co-Occurring Disorders Ontario

These occur when people suffer from two or more medical problems and mental health issues. One might occur before the other. They can overlap or begin at the same time. Science says there are several major reasons for these co-occurring disorders.

Substance Abuse Related Changes to The Brain

Areas of the brain that are damaged by a mental health issue can be made worse by substance abuse. Evidence points to the fact that the areas of the brain that are affected by drug and alcohol abuse work in parallel with the areas where schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and impulse control issues show up.

Other Parallel Risk Factors

Other aspects for co-occurring disorders include environmental as well as genetic factors. For example, a person is more likely to develop any one of these issues if they have been exposed to trauma.

We offer integrated treatment therapies and programs that can treat these disorders. It’s important for our patients to receive therapeutic and medical intervention for both problems simultaneously. This allows them to manage the different symptoms that are caused by any mental health problems without abusing alcohol or drugs.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Ontario

The treatments we suggest follow a specific plan that’s unique to each one of our patients. The goal here is to help them maintain a sober lifestyle while managing their mental illness simultaneously. We use behavioral therapy and counseling sessions occasionally interspersed with medications.

Co-occurring disorders treatment in Ontario is effective when it uses several different therapeutic techniques like the following:

  • Individual and group support sessions that are focused primarily on people with co-occurring disorders.
  • Sessions that are specifically designed to help patients increase their motivation to make the kind of positive changes that are needed.
  • Management sessions that deal with different contingencies. These often provide incentives for patients who exhibit positive recovery behaviors.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy is specifically designed to treat negative behaviors.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy seeks to rewire a patient’s beliefs and thoughts so they can change their behaviors at the same time.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health provides excellent treatments for these and other disorders. Each one of the treatment programs we design is customized and uniquely tailored for each patient.

Co-Occurring Disorders in Ontario

Patient education is another cornerstone of the recovery process at our co-occurring disorders retreat in Ontario.  We want our patients to have a full understanding of the issues they face. That includes the reasons behind these afflictions which can include:

  • Developmental Factors. Some of the factors that contribute to this disorder appear in adolescence and young adult hood. This is during the brain’s developmental stage. Abusing drugs and alcohol can affect this development which in turn increases the risk for mental illness.
  • Environmental Issues. Any kind of trauma can foster a co-occurring disorder. That includes sexual or physical abuse as well as military service in a combat area. Other stresses also contribute. Adolescent drug abuse can also increase the risk for mental illnesses.
  • Genetic Factors. Some genetic factors pose a risk for certain people to developing mental illness in a substance abuse problem. In certain cases, the substance abuse turns on the genetic markers that cause a mental illness.

There are several different treatment approaches. One of the most effective is cognitive behavioral therapy because it addresses the psychological problems of the people who suffer from this problem.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health uses some other effective treatment approaches that are listed below.


Co-Occurring Disorders Therapy in Ontario

Cognitive behavioral therapy works from the premise that maladaptive and unproductive behaviors and thinking are at the root of a patient’s problems. That’s why this particular remedy teaches clients new behavioral and cognitive skill sets to overcome the issue.

We teach our clients to watch out for several types of negative thinking. For example, we help them to stop overgeneralizing and only paying attention to particular aspects of evidence. Many of our patients have spent too much time disqualifying any positive attributes about themselves.


We offer other types of treatments that are highly effective including an integrated dual disorder approach. This is an intervention that includes several different aspects including social mechanisms as well as an educational and psychological element. It is specifically designed for individuals who have co-reoccurring issues.

Integrated group therapy is another evidence-based approach system that we use. It works well with adult patients who have substance abuse and co-occurring bipolar issues. It focuses on underlining abstinence from drugs and alcohol while improving the recognition of symptoms that lead to substance abuse.


One of the other co-occurring disorders therapy in Ontario models we use integrates counseling with understanding interpersonal, behavioral and cognitive character traits.

Our integrated approach can help you recover from co-occurring disorders and manage the symptoms effectively.

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