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Ketamine Addiction Treatment Ontario

Ketamine Addiction Rehab Ontario

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health uses a holistic abstinence-based approach to recovery from Ketamine addiction in Ontario. We offer the highest standards of treatment for mental health disorders and addiction. Ketamine is quite often called a club drug.

Recovery begins with an admission that you need help. Our facility has accredited inpatient and outpatient programs that include aftercare support. We are proud to treat the whole person and not just the addiction.

Individual Needs

The expert care that you get with us is customized to meet your individual needs. We also have addiction specific programs that address certain symptoms and effects from different substances.

Our model is abstinence based and integrates with medical and clinical approaches that combined with twelve-step models. All of these have been proven to make a big difference in a patient’s long-term recovery.

We offer comprehensive programs that support patients straight from the detox process right through treatment sessions


These are designed to provide opportunities and tools to enjoy freedom from your addiction and a lifelong recovery.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health has a highly trained and competent staff that will deliver highly individualized and unique treatment plans. Start treating Ketamine addiction in Ontario by contacting us today.


Ketamine Intervention in Ontario

 Another critical element to successful recovery is aftercare. This part of our treatment program includes managing your cravings and we provide coping mechanisms that can help you deal with daily life.

Because addiction can unfortunately connect and impact families, we offer a family-oriented ketamine intervention service at our Ontario facility.

These are an opportunity for family, friends and coworkers to break a person’s destructive alcohol or drug abuse patterns. We can help put together a framework for an intervention that works. Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health can help put together an intervention team that will participate too.

Let us help you set a date and location and work with each member so that the intervention presents a consistent rehearsed message with a structured plan.

Deciding on specific consequences for each person doesn’t except treatment is part of the process. Let us help you decide on the best treatment approach when it comes to a ketamine intervention in Ontario. Remember, these are structured events that shouldn’t be held on the spur of the moment. A successful intervention can actually take several weeks to plan with our professional help.

Relapse Prevention Tools

We also have a series of relapse prevention tools. Staying away from drugs or alcohol can be difficult during different periods in your recovery. Learning the tools and tips to prevent relapse and other tools for staying sober is important. These work alongside of fentanyl intervention in Ontario for good results.

We can help patients with different stages like an emotional relapse. Some of the signs patients learn to recognize are isolating from other people and not expressing emotions properly.

Drug of Choice

Some people suffer from a mental relapse where they are actively thinking about picking up their drug of choice again. Some of the signs we teach those people to look for include identifying cravings and idealizing past behaviors.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health teaches our patients how to stay sober with prevention strategies. These can include coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques that can calm your nerves.

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