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Inpatient Residential Treatment Ontario

Inpatient Residential Treatment Ontario

Our residential inpatient treatment facility is for those struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Residential care is ongoing, around the clock care. Staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you. Residential care provides a safe environment to detach from the outside stressors of your day-to-day life. A calm and relaxing environment to focus solely on your issues and to allow you time to establish a solid recovery plan. We offer 30, 45, 60 and 90-day treatment stays. Therapists may recommend additional time if needed.

At Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health (SAMH), we understand. Our facility is set up with the mentality that people are not their mental health or  “just an addict.” We understand that the people we serve are struggling with uncomfortable emotions and may have had some painful experiences happen in their life and that substances and other unhealthy ways of coping have been used to address or numb those painful experiences. Inpatient care enables you the opportunity to start addressing those challenging emotions in a safe and comfortable setting, free of judgement, shame, guilt and blame. It also allows ample time to gather your thoughts and not be distracted with your day-to-day challenges. Treatment or rehabilitation is about healing, not just avoiding substances and finding healthier ways to cope. During your residential stay you will begin to “recover” the you that you may or may not remember. You will spend your time with likeminded people who all strive to improve the quality of their lives. Having other people who can identify and relate is a major component in the treatment process. You will partake in groups and share your experience, if you are uncomfortable with sharing, that is fine, just listen and relate in your own way. In patient care allows you to experience life without having to worry about anything other than getting better.

Group Counselling

Addiction counsellors and master’s level registered psychotherapists are onsite to provide the best quality of care possible. Your treatment will consist of withdrawal management, group therapy sessions, 4 face to face individual therapy sessions per week with a registered psychotherapist, case management, nutritional coaching, fitness and aqua therapy.

25 group sessions per week are offered at Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health. These groups will teach you the skills needed to maintain and achieve ongoing sobriety. Skills that are taught weekly include effective communication, relapse prevention, emotional regulation and more… These groups are facilitated by a certified addiction counsellor. Counsellors strive to not only be well versed with program content, but also aim to be dynamic with presentations. Counsellors will also welcome involvement from you and will invite you to request an area or topic that you may find helpful. Counsellors will create a group to discuss the topic you would like addressed. We believe strongly in our programming and content; however, we welcome ideas that you feel will benefit you and the surrounding community

What you get with a Registered Psychotherapist

You will receive 4 face to face sessions per week, with a masters level registered psychotherapist. During this time, you will begin to address the root causes. Therapists will work with you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and create a warm, safe and comfortable environment to address traumatic experiences or any other painful emotions that you maybe holding onto. Therapists will work with you to enhance your ability to effectively communicate with those you love or care for. Therapists provide suggestions and skills to improve the overall quality of your life and assist you to find self compassion, self forgiveness, and self esteem. Our therapists are masters in this area and provide years of experience dealing with mental health and addictions. 

You will also receive trauma focused therapy with a therapist. This provides a safe environment to process challenging emotions related to traumatic experiences.


Recreational Programming

Our residential inpatient program offers an abundance of recreational, fun, relaxing and therapeutic options:

At Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health, we have numerous options for your fitness. Dive into our beautiful indoor swimming pool that sits at a warm steady temperature. This is an excellent way to decompress and have some fun. Fun is a crucial part of recovery. It begins to reshape how the brain experiences pleasure and conditions the brain to experience pleasure in a healthier way. 

You will be invited to participate in aqua therapy; this will allow you to use water as a means of regulating your emotions and working on you overall physical and mental health.

Other self care perks at SAMH include:

  • A beautiful pond
  • Plenty of space for walking and jogging around the facility
  • A beautiful waterfall (grab a book and a coffee and enjoy)
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Basketball nets and a tennis court
  • Fire Pit
  • Our recreation rooms
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Yoga

Call us today, your recovery starts here.

What To Expect At The End Of Treatment

We expect you to walk away with a wide array of skills that can serve you in your recovery. Expect the following if you have completed and worked on your issues effectively:

  • Sense of freedom
  • Increased self esteem
  • Self forgiveness
  • Education around addiction and mental health
  • Increased levels in energy
  • Rested
  • Rejuvenated
  • Confident
  • Self compassion
  • Improved relations with loved ones
  • Better overall psychological/physical health
  • A desire to move forward
  • Increased awareness of triggers
  • Knowing how to handle emotional triggers
  • Skills to deal with difficult people and learning how to manage emotional dysregulation 
  • A better outlook on life