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Gambling Addiction Treatment Ontario

Gambling Addiction Rehab Ontario

An addiction to gambling can be progressive. It can have social, physical and psychological negative effects. If you have a problem gambling it can harm your physical and mental health. People who live with this problem can experience anxiety related issues as well as distress, migraine headaches and depression.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health offer services for gambling addiction treatment in Ontario. There are some signs and symptoms that you might have a problem.

  • Can you only get excited by gambling with ever increasing amounts of money?
  • Do you feel irritable and restless when you try to stop?
  • Do you return to gambling after losing large amounts of money?
  • Do you try and hide your harmful activities? Are you experiencing work or relationship problems because of them?
  • Do you depend on others to support your habit?

We offer a variety of different therapies specifically designed to help with a gambling problem. One of these is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) . These sessions are designed to help the individual change the method and the way they think about gambling.

This is a technique specifically designed to help people find new behaviors by changing the way they think.  This technique involves goal orientated problem specific approaches that need the patient’s involvement for success. CBT takes the form of either group or individual sessions.


Gambling Addiction Rehab Ontario

We offer programs for men and programs for women. If a loved one is struggling with a gambling addiction, things might seem like they are hopeless. Relationships usually suffer and the mental and physical health of the person afflicted declines. There are even financial struggles.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health offers several different gambling addiction rehab in Ontario programs for individuals. Our rehab programs are suited to your specific circumstances and needs. Our approach offers recreational activities. Recovery from any kind of addiction requires a break from the rigors and stresses of rehab.

Root Causes

Family, group and individual counseling is also available. This is an excellent method for the addict to explore the root causes of their gambling problem.

Nutrition Routines

We also have fitness and nutrition routines available. Being in good physical health helps our clients to focus on the therapies we offer. Our life management courses are specifically designed to help patients cope with the stresses of the real world after their stay with us is over.

The courses we offer are specifically designed to support recovery for compulsive gamblers and their friends and family who are being affected. They include yoga and meditation sessions so our clients can attain a sense of well-being and calmness.

Family Therapy

The gambling addiction intervention Ontario programs we have are specifically designed to encompass family therapy. Loved ones need to be able to add their perspectives about the different factors that contribute to addiction.

Combining substance abuse treatment with mental health help is another one of the focuses we have. It can be a challenge to find out whether any addition stems from a particular mental health issue. Our professionals are experts at categorizing all the symptoms so treatments stay on track.

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Gambling Addiction Intervention in Ontario

Close friends and family members are one of the essential keys to any individual’s addiction recovery. Addictions affect the relationships the addicts have with their spouses and partners, friends children and parents.

Healthy Recovery

Couples therapy is another one of the options that we have available at Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health. Intimate relationships are one of the cornerstones to healthy recovery. A couple’s relationship can be affected in a deep and meaningful way by gambling or other addictions.


Couples therapy explores the triggers that affect this important connection. It also teaches patients how to build healthy relationship patterns.
Our approach also includes an in-depth assessment that lets us understand your particular challenges and circumstances.

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