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Amphetamine Addiction Treatment Ontario

Amphetamine Addiction Rehab Ontario

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health offers helps patients recover from the chronic disease of addiction. This is characterized by uncontrolled and compulsive drug seeking and use. The abuse of drugs leads to long-lasting changes in the brain. These can in turn lead to harmful behaviours. People who abuse drugs quite often relapse.

Amphetamine addiction in Ontario affects both the behavior and brain. 

This drug stimulates the central nervous system so it is quite often used to treat hyperactivity disorders. Unfortunately, it’s also classified as habit-forming. These types of stimulants can cause sudden death if abused by people with heart defects, heart disease and high blood pressure. Amphetamines can also cause abnormal behavior and thoughts. People with a history of depression need to be especially wary. The same can be said of patients suffering from bipolar disorder or other issues.

Treating amphetamine addiction needs to have certain goals including:

  • Helping the patient to stop using the drug.
  • Helping the person to stay drug-free.
  • Teaching them ways to be productive in society with their family and at work.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health offers treatment programs for amphetamine addictions that accomplish several goals. Any effective treatments should include the following principles.

  • Detoxification as the first stage. These can be medically assisted because withdrawal can often be severe and even life-threatening.
  • Treatment plans that address more than just the drug abuse. Effective recovery addresses all of the patients’ needs including any behavioral and psychological issues.
  • Medications can be an essential part of any successful recovery plan. These often work best when they are combined with behavioral therapy sessions.

Successful amphetamine addiction in Ontario treatment also includes relapse prevention. Having one of these in place can help you from repeating unhealthy old behaviors. We suggest that you write down everything in your plan and share it with your support group and treatment team.

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment in Ontario

Some of the key points included in a relapse prevention plan include coping tools, and identifying cravings and triggers. We can help you work on this multi-part process that can otherwise lead to a relapse. Every individual’s emotional and mental triggers are different. Acting on certain events and feelings can help you to avoid relapsing.

Our Amphetamine addiction treatment in Ontario facility begins your recovery journey with an assessment. It’s the first step in designing a rehab addiction treatment program that’s customized for you.

Your individual recovery program can include different aspects like:

  • Developing good life management skills. These will come in handy when you finish your rehabilitation at our facility and enter the outside world. While patients stay with us, we can teach them these skills so they can cope afterwards.
  • Group counseling is an opportunity to draw inspiration and comfort from the others who are recovering. This is also a chance for people recovering to share their experiences to help others within their group.
  • Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health also offers individual sessions with trained therapists. These professionals can help you look at difficult subjects in a comfortable environment. They can also help you to monitor progress and tweak your program to suit your developing needs.
  • Family therapy is another option. Mending relationships with family members is an important part of the recovery process.

Remember, there are devastating consequences to amphetamine addiction if left untreated.

Amphetamine Rehab in Ontario

There are several symptoms of withdrawal from abusing this drug. They include hunger and fatigue as well as depression, cravings and anxiety. There are several drugs that contain amphetamines including Dexedrine and Adderall.

Amphetamines can often be prescribed. Abuse starts quite often when patients begin taking it against their doctor’s advice. Some people even use the drug without paying any attention to the possible side effects.

Personalized Counseling

That’s where our amphetamine rehab in Ontario comes in. Along with personalized counseling and other treatments, we offer a tailored holistic approach. Our facility creates customized treatment options for all of our patients. That’s why we embrace and value all of their differences to come up with unique treatment plans.


Amphetamine Intervention in Ontario

These plans involve answering several different questions like:

  • How long have you been addicted and what circumstances started it?
  • How have your relationships with friends and family suffered as a result?
  • Do you have any spiritual cultural or social aspects that need to be looked at before we develop a treatment plan?
  • What are your goals in life after treatment is over?

A holistic treatment plan takes into account the answers to these questions. Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health offers a variety of services including amphetamine intervention in Ontario.

Getting started in recovery can be the most difficult step. Admitting to other people and to yourself that you need help starts you on a path to recovery. Making that first call is the one that takes the most courage. If you need help, please get in touch with us today. We would love to be part of your recovery.

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