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Aftercare / Recovery Care Ontario

Aftercare/Recovery Care

The inpatient residential stay teaches the skills to ensure that you are prepared to leave treatment with a solid foundation to continue the recovery process. At times people fear leaving treatment and see the residential portion of treatment as being “a safe place”. The fear is that all the dynamics that happen in our inpatient residential setting do not exist in the “real world”. So, it is scary to think of what life will look like when the residential portion is complete, and you will be returning to your everyday life. Inpatient residential treatment is carefully structured to create a healing space where listening and effective communication is the primary focus. Triggers can be addressed within moments, with our addiction’s counsellors. We understand that when you leave this environment it becomes challenging to simulate this in your everyday life. We prepare you with specific tools that make the transition significantly easier. You will be provided the skills to ensure that even if you are alone that you will be able to avoid challenging situations such as people, places and things that may lead you to a lapse or relapse. We will inspire you to see the value in becoming aware of the decisions you make when you are not feeling strong.

Free Lifetime Aftercare

Our dedicated team is not done helping you after your agreed upon time. We will help you until our assistance is no longer needed. At Simcoe addiction and Mental health, we offer lifelong aftercare. This consists of weekly aftercare meetings that allow you the opportunity to connect with your friends on a weekly basis. This provides an excellent way for you to address things that may not be working or just as a means of connecting with others who are striving for recovery. Weekly meetings will be facilitated by one of our passionate addiction’s counsellors. These meetings can become a way of remaining accountable in recovery and a place to voice your frustrations or challenges in the earlier stages of recovery.

Recovery Care

We will also provide you with follow up phone calls to check in. During the check-ins, you will have the complete attention of an addiction counsellor. You can share whatever you may be experiencing during that time or just connect with an old friend that is rooting and cheering for you during this process. During this time, an addiction counsellor can provide you with numerous resources to assist you if needed. If you are struggling and feel that you need to return for additional care, then you can share that with the counsellor.

In addition to counselling, we offer aftercare transitioning services to those who have completed their residential stay with us. Because our clients visit us from all over the world, we help find therapists and specialized service providers close to home, ensuring your level of care and treatment can continue. After completing treatment, if you feel more specific care is needed by another professional or organization, we can assist you with getting in contact with those service providers.

At Simcoe addiction and mental health, we believe that there are numerous communities that support the well being of people in recovery. Our program is predominantly CBT based. We do support any treatment approach that works for you, and we will do our best to find or establish resources to best serve you post treatment. Please speak with our dedicated team to inquire about what services are available to you.

Some points to remember for when you are in recovery:

  • Get vulnerable! Ask for help. Although you may feel ashamed, guilty or upset, reach out and reconnect with assistance. If lapsing occurs, reconnect immediately with your supportive network. Get back on track before relapse occurs. Lapsing (aka. Slips) can be addressed and worked on quite easily. Relapsing is returning to the old behaviours. During this time it is challenging to find the motivation to get back on track and reconnect.
  • You are NOT ALONE! You have numerous resources to use. Use them!
  • Find people who support and are cheering you on
  • Be patient. You will not be fixed after your stay. You will be working on yourself daily after treatment and you will eventually start to experience the benefits of your hard work. You will likely see more physical and psychological recovery. Be patient. It will get better!
  • Believe in yourself. Avoid following the narrative in your head that maybe self defeating.
  • Remember everyday to practice creating a mindset of gratitude for the things that are going well for you. The more you do this, the more and more your brain starts to change, and outlook begins to improve.
  • Refrain from drinking or using drugs. 
  • When a craving arises, reach out to our team or your support system for additional help.

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