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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Ontario

Marijuana Addiction Rehab Ontario

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health provides comprehensive therapies for the person suffering from a substance abuse problem and their family. We are in addiction treatment clinic offering a wide range of alcohol and drug treatment options including help for people suffering from marijuana addiction in Ontario.

The programs that we have created are specifically designed to heal our patients and family members. We pride ourselves on treating the whole individual by supplying a holistic approach. This includes the developmental tools that are needed to overcome addiction and sustain long-term healthy recovery.


Our approach is unique. Each patient who walks into our clinic gets the benefit of the right treatment solution that looks after their specific needs.

There’s no need to hit rock bottom if you think you have an addiction problem. If you think that you have an issue with marijuana, we can help.


Marijuana Rehab in Ontario

Counseling sessions are also available. These are geared towards the family and individual. They all provide a safe environment for the suffering person to explore the root causes of their issues with substances like marijuana.

Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health also supplies support for close family members at our marijuana rehab in Ontario. We understand these people that include friends and family members are important to total recovery for many individuals. We also know addictions don’t happen by themselves in a vacuum.

Take Their Toll

They take their toll on the relationships the abusers have with partners and spouses, friends, children and parents. The family therapy sessions that we have incorporated into our programs address the factors that contribute to the addictive behavior and how they can be solved.

Marijuana Intervention in Ontario

If you find yourself or a loved one struggling with cannabis addiction, the first step is quite often a marijuana intervention in Ontario. When one person in the family is suffering from a habit, the lives of others including their friends can be affected.

Getting support from these groups of people is an essential part of recovery. These interventions provide an opportunity for people to understand the dependence. They teach everyone how not to engage in behaviors that will enable someone with an addiction.


These are a first step in helping people change, maintain and set healthy boundaries. Cannabis is one of the most commonly abused substances. This drug can damage short-term memory and the ability to focus, learn and coordinate.


Finding the appropriate help for someone who is suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol is critical. Learn more about our marijuana intervention Ontario services by contacting us today.

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