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Physical Activity and Wellness Ontario

Physical Activity and Wellness Ontario

Finding new ways to relax and decompress our bodies and minds is an essential part of recovery. It’s about recovering balance in ourselves and restoring our health. In the past, clients may have turned to addictive tendencies to cope with the stress and pressures of life, and the craving to return to these may arise during recovery. This is why we offer exercise as an outlet for the mind and body. 

By exercising regularly, you can reprogram your brain, offering it a healthy, feel-good reward in response to stress. It will also help clients to regulate their emotions, specifically anxiety and stress. By altering one’s brain chemistry, physical activity during a recovery process increases energy levels and improves overall mood as well. Clients will also catch a great night’s sleep after exercising. All of this will help to improve overall health, including strengthening the immune system and cognitive functions, as well as reducing the potential for relapse! This is why physical activity and mental wellness are fundamental features of healing while in the journey to recovery. 

Opportunities to Exercise:

  • Aqua therapy
  • Running
  • Gym 
  • Basketball 
  • Tennis
  • Yoga

We offer an array of physical and relaxation-based activities as we recognise that everybody enjoys different ways of getting their bodies moving. We also want our clients to have access to activities they enjoy because recovery is a truly personal process. One of our personal favorite facilities is our beautiful indoor swimming pool, a lovely place where one day clients can break a sweat, and another, they can float and just breathe. What we know for certain is that there is no wrong way to be physically and mentally active while recovering, and that the opportunities for these at Simcoe will help clients to recentre themselves.

Self care/Wellness

These two important components of recovery are highly promoted at SAMH. Bonfires and mindful walks can occur, mindfulness exercises lead by both clients and staff. Peer ran activities that promote togetherness and fun are welcomed! We strive to better our program and welcome all your ideas. Try doing yoga, beside our beautiful pond or even go for a jog around the property. Enjoy a leisure swim, hot tub or sauna. Listen to our waterfall while enjoying a book. Enjoy our wonderful recreation room! Using these two components as a support during the exploration of your issues makes the overall experience much easier.