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First Responders and Military

First Responders and Military

Our facility proudly welcomes our brave people in the military and first responder communities that dedicate their lives to protecting people and serving their communities. At Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health, we understand the need to have specifically dedicated programs for our heroes. It becomes challenging to reach out for help, when you dedicate your life to being the person that helps, rescues, saves and fixes problems. At times, the ability to humanize yourself and remember that you are a person who also has feelings, emotions and pain is often forgotten, neglected or even refused. The experiences of first responders and military personnel (past and present) may be more complex than most people. We will take the time to address not only the experiences that occurred during duty, but we will also address your more personal experiences. Allowing yourself the opportunity to have other people serve you is the beginning of the healing process. We invite you to take part and begin the process of healing.

We Are A Proud Partner
of Boots On The Ground

Boots on The Ground is a charitable organization completely run and staffed by volunteer First Responders. They offer 24/7 over the phone, anonymous peer support to Police, Fire, EMS, Corrections and Nurses throughout Ontario. This includes front line and civilian members, both serving and retired. Boots On The Ground offers a variety of vetted referral services when they speak to people in need of assistance.

They are an alternative to current wellness programs being offered through employers. Boots On The ground believes that these programs are under-utilized because of fears associated with social stigma and confidentiality issues. By keeping this completely separate from employee wellness programs our hope is that more people will utilize our available services. Boots On The Ground offers a completely anonymous service when users call in so they do not have to worry about details of the conversation getting back to their workplace.
Boots On The Ground

Trauma and PTSD

Trauma or Post traumatic stress disorder can have serious consequences in your life, effecting your overall well being. Some concerning signs that PTSD maybe effecting your life include:

  • Emotional numbness, avoiding places and things that may remind you of the traumatic experience.
  • Distancing yourself from loved ones
  • Reliving the traumatic experience and disassociation
  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares

It’s easy to feel alone and afraid when you are struggling with PTSD, but at the same time refuse to admit that you are fearful. Being in a residential environment with others, can seem daunting even impossible. We understand the complications and challenges that people have when they’ve been subjected to traumatic experiences. We are patient with the process and understand that you may need to go at your own pace. That is fine. We will get there when you’re ready. We will have our masters level psychotherapists work with you to make the process as comfortable as possible. EMDR services maybe used as well. Please call to ask about EMDR.

Confidentiality and anonymity. We understand that many first responders and military personnel prefer to not disclose their jobs to others. We understand, and if you are concerned with other people knowing, we will help protect that request and not mention your line of work in public settings.

We offer a first responders’ group that will only involve members of the first responders and military personnel communities. This will provide a safe and open format for you to discuss your issues with people who understand the nature of the jobs served and the impact that it may have.

Not all first responders have PTSD or trauma. Some may find adapting to Civilian life challenging and may be causing you to seek unhealthy ways of coping post duty. Relationships may be struggling or the need to use substances to deal with uncomfortable emotions may be causing issues in your life. We are here to help.  


During more challenging times, its not uncommon to neglect our responsibilities and address outstanding matters in our lives. If you require assistance with veterans’ affairs or any other agency that provides assistance, please let us know and we can advocate to the best of our abilities.

We will work with you towards whatever goals you are striving for. If you are retired and looking for healthy ways to be engaged, let us know and we can help build you a plan that you can use to find productive or fun ways to spend your time.

At SAMH, we have an abundance of self care opportunities. Our large property provides plenty of space to distance from other people if needed and finding space for yourself is quite easy. If you are experiencing the aches and pains of your service, take a dip in the hot tub and relax. (You deserve it)


Upon the completion of your stay at SAMH, you should expect to see or experience the following:

  • An increased awareness of the particular events that have happened in your life and how they impact you each day
  • Learned healthy coping strategies to deal with uncomfortable situations or emotions
  • An increased sense of purpose and pride
  • A better outlook on life and an increase in motivation
  • Self forgiveness and gratitude for yourself and those supporting you
  • Less fear, surrounding common triggers… Skills are used to combat those challenging emotions
  • A sense of mastery for completing the program and allowing yourself the opportunity to save yourself
  • A network of people who are around to remind you that they are a phone call away 
  • Support groups …boots on the ground etc… connection with other professionals in the community.