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Virtual Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Virtual Outpatient Treatment Program

At Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health we endeavour to provide comprehensive three dimensional treatment for people in need, regardless of geographical or circumstantial barriers. Building on the successes achieved at our inpatient addiction facility, our accredited addiction treatment facility will now bring those same principals to the digital space through a virtual outpatient addiction treatment program.

Simcoe Addiction & Mental Health as an agency believes that offering a virtual outpatient program is a critical component of remaining dynamic and adaptable while ensuring our clients are always supported. Our “circle of care” philosophy is built around the guiding principal that in order for our clients to succeed they need to be supported mentally, emotionally and medically. The virtual outpatient program is designed with client flexibility in mind to ensure a supportive experience tailored to the individual.


Clients entering the Virtual Outpatient Program receive the following:

  • An extensive bio-psychosocial assessment
  • Individualized treatment plan created specifically for client’s needs
  • Access to a third party addiction focused doctor who will work with the client during and post treatment 
  • Two group therapy sessions per day Monday – Thursday
  • Two one-on-one psychotherapy sessions per week with a Masters level therapist  
  • Family Integration Therapy

Admission to the program

Upon admission to the program clients are given a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment in order for the SAMH team to have an understanding of the client’s overall needs so a comprehensive individual treatment plan can be created. Every virtual client is connected with our physician to assess any medical issues and offer the client continued medical support both during and after their treatment. Clients are assigned a psychotherapist whom they work with during the duration of their treatment. In addition clients attend twice daily group therapy session with an emphasis on learning new coping tools and integrating into a supportive community. SAMH also offers weekly Family Intergration Therapy sessions to begin the healing process and educate client’s loved ones about the disease of addiction.

The goal of our four week intensive program is to help clients discover the root causes of their issues while teaching the tools required for them to grow and change. We believe that recovery is a process, not a destination. Simcoe Addiction & Mental Health is committed and prepared to help anyone, anywhere at anytime. We would be thrilled to be a part of your journey.

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