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Simcoe Addiction & Mental Health


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Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health

I cannot recommend SAMH enough! It saved my life! I am beyond grateful to every staff member for helping me on my journey to sobriety and mental wellness. Because of SAMH, I got my life back. The groups, therapy, staff, activities, food and facility will far exceed your expectations. Thank you SAMH!
Greatest choice I've ever made. The staff, program, and facilities are top notch. They truly save lives there, if you want to stop existing, and start living, if you want to truly take charge of your life, this is the place to learn the tools to do so. I encourage any and all who wish to become healthy, happy, and stable, to contact SAMH, it will be the best call of your life.
Craig Reid
Through very difficult days, this place has a warm, comforting vibe. The staff really cared about my journey, taking care of the details, being really supportive and kind. Highly recommended.
The facilities, combined with the caring and experienced staff and therapists, creates an environment of support and acceptance, which enables clients to gain the skills and insights they need to grow and reach their full potential.
Thank you SAMH for helping me get my life back. Words cannot express how grateful I am for everything all the staff has done to aide in my recovery. Because of this place, I can look to my future with hope and excitement.
My family and I are so grateful for SAMH. This was the 3rd rehab my husband has attended and we were hopeful this would be different. They exceeded all our expectations. The admission process was simple and we were able to get him in quickly. From the moment we stepped foot in the door we felt a sense of relief. The staff was attentive and absolutely amazing!! They made us feel welcome and spent time with us explaining everything. Me and my kids had weekly family therapy which helped us so much. My husband has been sober for 2 months and is still doing great! My experience with Simcoe Rehab was excellent from the moment we dropped him off to the moment we picked him up. Thank you for giving us our life back and for continuing to support him!
J. Connor