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At Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health (SAMH) the objective is to create a safe, comfortable environment to go after that emotional pain. A place that will enable you to move forward in your life and reach your goals. We are here to support you and guide you through the process. You are the master of your life, and we recognize this. Go at your own pace and take the time to reflect, recognize and heal. Our goal is to meet you where you’re at in the healing process.

We believe that people need a break after years and years of struggling with Trauma or emotional pain. Healing is about more than doing therapy work, it’s about resting and relearning how to experience fulfillment once again.

Four therapy sessions per week, Four groups per day, and plenty of time to reflect, have fun and relax. At SAMH we believe that having fun is crucial for those in recovery. Finding new fun activities to engage in, allows the brain to experience pleasure in a more organic way, free of consequences and stress. Attending treatment is about more than just “dealing with the pain” it’s about resetting your brain and experiencing life through a different lens with the absence of drugs.

Some of our team have had experience with recovery and can identify the unique struggles faced by those in the process of recovery. We welcome all approaches to recovery, whether that be SMART recovery, AA, NA, CA etc…

All approaches are welcome. We do understand there is not a one shoe fits all approach to healing. Our experienced therapists use evidence based therapeutic techniques to work with you. Some approaches include Cognitive behavioural therapy and Dialectical behaviour therapy. Using the most effective approaches to best serve you. Certified addictions counsellors deliver dynamic groups educating you on the skills needed to succeed. Nurses that provide medical support and assistance throughout the process. Nurses work closely with doctors to ensure all medications and treatments are being delivered effectively.

Learn more about the treatment methods we use at Simcoe Addiction and Mental Health.