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Finding Self-Compassion: Nerves Around Rehabilitation

It’s normal to feel uneasy when we don’t know what lies in the future; all of us want control over our futures in some way. By taking that first step of considering addiction rehabilitation, you’re already trusting yourself to walk into the unknown and embrace the opportunities that come with that. You’re taking the chance to remember how to put trust and self-worth into yourself, and you’re wholeheartedly deserving of that. Anxiety is an expected part of the process, and is so worth it to get to where you want to be, says this therapist, who is also a recovering addict.

Clients of ours know the duality of wanting a different life and the comfort of our unhealthy coping habits and addictions. It’s best not to overthink the anxiety that comes with this. Instead, recognize you have a willingness to change, and know that your desire to live a happy and fulfilled life will outweigh your past tendencies. All it takes is an openness to treatment from people who care about you in a healthy way. 

But, what if I fail? Well, what if you succeed?

When it comes to success, any goal is welcome here, small or large. There is no one way to succeed, but we believe you are deserving of goals like a new sense of freedom, improved confidence, better psychological health, and finding self-compassion.

Whatever it is you define as failure is most likely fear cooped up, and you can learn to understand and overcome that. Our minds scare us into thinking things are worse than they are, detailed in this book about cognitive therapy, so it’s important to have specialists who use evidence-based techniques to help you rewire your thinking. That’s exactly what we offer. From withdrawal management to support for first responders and military and family based programs, Simcoe will help you identify and overcome any struggles associated with an addiction or mental health disorder.

I don’t have time right now …

The fear of failure and the uncertainty of the future often leave us waiting for the “right” time to do things. You may be waiting, thinking you don’t have time to consider rehab, because you have other responsibilities or because what you’re experiencing is “not that bad”. But, it’s important that you are a part of your responsibilities, and that your lifestyle is sustainable in the long term so that you don’t lose these. By considering yourself as a priority and seeking out treatment, you can ensure nothing will be stolen from your future self and responsibilities.

Won’t I feel alone?

Our goal is that you feel validated, supported and connected. You won’t be pushed to open up until you feel comfortable doing so. We know that sometimes we don’t give ourselves credit for doing things when we’re in survival mode, but we don’t always need to be. For substance addictions, mental health, and behavioral addictions, voicing our thoughts out loud helps us to understand them and address them in a constructive, therapeutic way.  We offer individual therapy, skill-based and trauma-based group sessions, and family therapy to help you unpack that and heal, while discovering a new part of yourself, not to mention lifetime aftercare.

The people here know what it’s like to struggle, so you aren’t alone in what you’re experiencing. It’s likely that you’ll make friends too. We offer a range of activities to help you find peace of mind while you process, including yoga, meditation, an onsite gym, and massage therapy. 

Remember, it takes bravery to put yourself first. Recovering is not about making yourself look good or letting go of your pride, it’s about getting better and feeling good. It’s about being honest with yourself and others around you regarding where you are in life, where you want to be, and how you can get there. Those who understand are people that will support you in the long term, and you can trust that the staff and clients of Simcoe will be some of them.

If you or a loved one would like to discuss next steps and the treatment options available at Simcoe Rehab, please use our contact form or call us directly 1-833-304-8181

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